100 Things

Or as Many as I get to:

1. I am married
2. I tend to be bisexual (a little anyway)
3. I used to be a Limbaugh listening, Fox News watching, Conservative Republican
4. The religious right ruined any chance of me voting that way
5. I cannot watch any cable news show or listen to any talk radio without my head exploding
6. I support the 2nd amendment but am not opposed to reasonable restrictions
7. I support a woman’s right to choose, but am not opposed to reasonable restrictions
8. I think I am a reasonable person
9. I think churches should pay taxes like other businesses
10. I rarely masturbate anymore, though I am sexually stimulated constantly throughout the day
11. I cannot go shopping without mentally undressing most of the women I see
12. I find intimate discussions with Internet friends to be as much a turn on as sex
13. So far, I’ve had 7 different dicks in my mouth
14. So far, 3 of those dicks have cum in my mouth
15. I have gone down on several women with no expectation of reciprocation or intercourse
16. I enjoy a butt plug in my ass during sex with my wife
17. I am fascinated by, turned on by, and enjoy the idea of being pegged, but it has not happened
18. I once jacked-off for the entertainment of two female co-workers
19. I was embarrassed when it was over, but couldn’t wait to do it again.
20. I have been involved in numerous MFM threesomes
21. I have watched my wife blow several of my friends
22. I would like to blow a guy as his wife watches
23. I would love to go down on a wife after her husband has cum in her, and as he watches me clean-up
24. I don’t think I could ever be a Dominant
25. I don’t think I could be a sub, though I am fascinated by the idea of a dominant woman forcing me to confess all of my most intimate secrets to her.  If she forced me to eat her, I guess that would be good.
26. My mother-in-law lifted her shirt and showed me her scar from where her breast had been removed
27. I cannot help looking down women’s blouses hoping to see nipple
28. I have masturbated in most of the bathrooms where I work
29. I have masturbated in several locations on my property
30. My wife and I never wear suits in the hot tub (unless we have company)
31. I am a voyeur
32. I would give anything to have more private time to myself
33. I fear retirement and the fact that I’m not sure if I can spend all day everyday with my wife
34. Like every other blogger, I’d like to write a book, but I’m not sure what it would be about
35. I realize that I use the word “intimate” to mean “open and honest and not holding back” when it doesn’t necessarily mean that.
36. I have scared some people by being too open and honest and not holding back, too soon in a friendship.
37. Just as my politics has changed as I’ve gotten older, so has my interest in sex.
38. I know it is a terrible double standard, but female high school teachers fucking male students seems more like the kid was a lottery winner rather than a victim of assault.
39. I could NEVER be a high school teacher because I would fuck the students.
40. I have experienced anal intercourse, both giving and receiving.
41. I have licked another man’s cum from my wife’s pussy!
42. I have licked another man’s cum from my wife’s tits!