Letters to Me

I’m currently posting letters here.


Warmest Regards…

The Internet Therapist had figured this out; I’m certain of that.  I think he was just waiting for me to figure it out for myself.  I suppose in frustration, he just had to give up.

Recently, an old friend popped back onto my radar.  It only took her a few weeks to put the puzzle together and about fifteen or twenty minutes for her to make me see what has been staring me in the face for years.

I’ve danced around it on this blog for years.  Hidden between the lines of sex and adventure, there has been a very dark truth trying to reveal itself to me.

I hate when people write something expecting readers to magically know what the fuck they are talking about.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to do that to you.

This has nothing to do with my wife or our lifestyle or my coworkers or my friends, though certainly all have been impacted by me, my personality, and the methods I’ve used to shape relationships.

It took long enough, that’s for sure.  This blog has accomplished what I set out to do ten years ago.  I know he no longer follows, but I do think The Internet Therapist would be relieved that the light came on for me.  He might be less thrilled that it was Emma who got through to me.

I’ll still be around, but I’m afraid to say, this is the last post.  Thank you to those of you who stuck with me all these years.  I appreciate each of you, more than you can know.