She Confesses…

It has been quite a week.  I mentioned that Mrs. JD had found some evidence on JD’s phone that made it pretty clear something was going on.  That led to an apology note from my wife to her and at least for now, that has put the matter to rest.

Smartly, JD ceased all communications via his phone.  This is what you would naturally do when you know your wife is on to your little shenanigans.  It did not help at all that the computer network people at work have somehow blocked us all from checking our Gmail accounts.  Fuckers.  The end result was, by Tuesday, my wife was dipping into a depression from simply not knowing.  Her immediate fear was that the relationship between JD and her was over.  I think she was too afraid to tell me just how upset she was over it, but it was pretty obvious.

Needing to open up to someone, she turned to our friend Emma.  Yes, by Tuesday afternoon, Emma was messaging me telling me that my wife had opened up to her.  The two of them traded details of their boyfriends, the incident with Mrs JD and more.  In a way, I was truly relived that there was someone for her to share this with.

Wednesday, we went to dinner and I just told my wife it was clear that she was depressed and missing JD.  She admitted she was a little down.  She simply didn’t want what the three of us were engaged in to end.  I told her that JD contacted me through our work mail and wanted to meet with me Thursday after work.  This actually sent her into a panic.  Maybe he was going to say he was ending everything.  Maybe Mrs. JD wanted to make it a foursome!

The Thursday meeting with JD went exactly as I suspected it would.  He told me the details of how he got busted, how it was just an shitty mistake on his part and how he had to surrender the pass code to his phone and to his e-mail and FB account (obviously, she did not know about his secret G-Mail account).  We both agreed that the communications between he and my wife had become a little too casual, especially given the line of work he and I are both in.  In his defense, he said there was excitement in doing all the sexting and such right under his wife’s nose.  I guess that backfired.

In the end, his plan was to ride this out, come up with a new e-mail account that he could access from work, and then, when possible, meet with us/her as he can.  He apologized for letting this all happen and I just explained that it was a risk we’ve all taken.

When I left and headed home, I called my wife to let her know of what took place.  She asked if we could do dinner at our local pub and of course, I was game. We had a beer and some pizza then headed home to have afternoon sex.  Unlike our normal utility sex, this went on for over an hour.  Yes, readers, my dick can on occasion stay hard for an hour.  Granted, it was more like that Mormon style Soaking (look it up).  We mostly talked as we fucked and this was when she confessed that she had been talking with our friend Emma.

And as Emma had informed me earlier (by the way, feeling creepy being in the middle of the conversation) my wife told me about how she realizes she is Polyamorous and that she feels good about being able to know that she is not the only wife out there who is happy to be married while having a boyfriend at the same time.

She was shocked that I knew what Polyamory was and I pointed out that all those sex podcasts I listened to were actually informative, not just about sex.  I think I may find a paperback version of Insatiable Wives to give her.

We’ll see how this all plays out.  Our conversations with Emma, her ability to hang on while JD works out his problems with Mrs. JD.  And who knows, perhaps my wife opens up to even more fun.


Random Memory

For some reason as I was drifting off to sleep last night I had a a memory pop into my mind from when I was probably six or seven years old.  It was the year my dad was in Vietnam and we lived in a small house near my grandparents.  There was a little boy who lived next door and he was my age.  His name  was Lee from what I recall, but I could have that wrong.

This kid Lee had a father who was in the military.  I only know this because he was in uniform the day this happened.  The father had one of those old-school campers, the kind that slides onto the bed of a pick-up truck.  When not in use, it sits on legs that extend out in.  This one was parked in the driveway in front of the house.

My guess is that Lee was able to get the keys to the camper and I vaguely recall us going inside of it to play.  I know for sure we had our pants down and were inspecting one another’s privates when the door suddenly swung open.  It was Lee’s father.

We quickly marched out and Lee started crying even before the beating commenced.  He knew what was about to happen but I had no idea.  I stood helpless in the yard as my friend got his ass whooped by his father, in a military fatigues.  What stood out most vividly in my memory was the black combat boots kicking Lee as he just curled up into the fetal position on the ground in the front yard.

There was lots of yelling but none of it comes through in my memory.  Just the sight of that kid being kicked, and me standing there wondering if I would be next.  I don’t know how it ended.  I don’t know if my mom came outside or if the man just yelled at me to go home.

We never got in that camper again, that’s for sure.

Play Time Problems…

So Friday afternoon was the culmination of a pretty stressful week at our house.  I came home and my wife just looked at me and said, “I need a drink.”

Off we headed to our local pub for dinner and some beers.  We chatted a bit with the man who does the cooking and then the bartender asked about our grandkids and such.  I think they enjoy us coming in when we do because we are easy to make happy and we always leave a substantial tip.

When we got home, I grabbed a few more beers and headed out to the hot tub.  Problem was, with this heat it had the tub entirely too hot.  In the winter, 101 or 102 is fine, but not when it is 98 degrees outside.  It can be just stifling.  I’ve been known to throw bags of ice in the tub to cool it down, but that wasn’t going to happen.  

Instead, we got in bed to do some playing.  My wife proposed she give me a good manscaping.  She asked me to take a few pictures to send JD since he was flying back into town after a work related trip.  She sent this one of her working on me to tease him.  Unexpectedly, he responded saying he had just landed.

Of course, I suggested he sneak by our house on his way home since he only lives a few minutes away.  Unfortunately, he had already told his wife he was on the way and that blew any chance of making an excuse of a flight delay.

There was lots of manscaping and I even turned the trimmer on her at some point.  A good time was had by all.

Saturday afternoon my wife gets a text from JD.  It turns out that he failed to delete the very last message she sent him which included a PG-13 rated cleavage shot.  No nipples, just cleavage and face.  His wife found it on his phone.

People, you need to know that when you play with a married person who does not have permission to play outside the marriage, this is a risk.  Everyone involved needs to be careful, and if the deceit comes out, everyone needs to be able to stand up and take what comes.

JD and his wife are no strangers to infidelity, nor are they strangers to threesomes, wife swapping, or just couples getting playfully naughty in hot tubs.  It’s just that that play has never happened with the four of us.  She is not the gullible wife that others might be so she flat out asked if he was engaging with threesomes with us.  He lied and said no.  He said it was just playful flirting and that I was fully aware of and on-board with it.  She told him to end it and he said he would (liar).

My wife waited to hear something from her.  We just assumed that once she got drunk that evening (a daily occurrence) she would message her or worse, post something on FB (the devil).  Neither happened.

I don’t know where this goes.  The marriage between JD and Mrs. JD is one of convenience and for the sake of the child.  That doesn’t change.  They have both cheated in the past.  They haven’t had sex with each other in quite some time.  I don’t offer this as an excuse for our role in it, I’m just telling you how it is.

So now we sort of sit back and wait.  This is not the fun part of inviting others into your bed.  It is a risk.


Random Missives…

Dear Random Note Reader,

I was siting in the office of a female colleague who has been super flirtatious in the past.  Okay, she has showed me her pussy, that has to count as flirtatious.  She is tall, in fact she towers over most of the guys in the building.  She is a runner and has the legs and tan to show for it.  

As we talked about some work related issue, I stopped mid sentence and said, “Jesus, your legs are so smooth and long and beautiful.  I’d love to just rub them and fondle them.

She got a really embarrassed grin on her face and actually looked away trying to hide her quickly reddening face.  

“What’s wrong? Did I upset you?” I asked. 

“No.  It’s just that I never hear any compliments from anyone.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true.” I offered. 

This made me think about my own wife and what a true, unromantic asshole I can be.  


I’ve realized that two of the younger women I have occasional emails with are just unreachable for me.  In both cases, I think that my standard words of wisdom or advice are completely useless.  It makes me feel old and it makes me feel inadequate.  

I get colleagues of all ages and levels of seniority come to me for advice about issues both work related and personal. I’m just one of those people who seems to be able to make people feel better about the situation they are in.  Yet with these two women, I find that I have nothing of any value to offer.   Of course, I’m referring to both Emma and Erin.   

Both have their own personal issues that I want desperately to offer my advice on, and in both cases, I seem to find nothing of redeeming value to say.  Emma actually tells me the truth, that my words often do more harm than good.  All I can do is apologize for being inadequate.  Erin is a little less forthcoming in her complaint. She simply tells me she loves me and ends the conversation, not to be heard from again for three weeks.  

I’ll share this little note I sent to one of them today:

I know saying this is more for me than you, but I feel like I’m unable to say anything of any value to you.  I think I probably upset you more than anything.  It really is confusing to me. That’s not your problem, but mine.  I guess I’m just so used to being able to come up with something to say that makes people feel better, and in your case, I seem to do the opposite.  I’ve always known you to be a very intelligent woman and perhaps that is part of the problem.  I say things to you that sound smart to other people, but to you, my words are simple and of little value.   

I’m not trying to feel sorry for myself, sorry that I can’t impress you.  I’m just trying to state what is probably obvious to you.  I just don’t have the mind to compare with the conversations you want to have.  I’ll admit it is depressing.  I enjoy what you have to say, but there is no joy in being a burden for you to have to read what I have to offer. 

Meh.  That was pretty lame.  But it felt good to say it.


There is a sense of dread when I wake up these days. It isn’t me not wanting to get up and head to work   It actually has to do with the weekends coming sooner, the months going faster and the years starting to spin forward much quicker than I recall they did when I was much younger.  In the grand scheme of things, I know I am still fairly young.  I mean, the people who are ten years my senior still seem reasonably young in my mind. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m starting to wish things would slow down a bit.  

I got a call from my doctor’s nurse a while ago with instructions to double a dose of one of the many drugs I take.  It’s just another sign to me that I’ve got to get my shit together.  Someone told me not long ago that I was in a downward spiral.  I don’t think she meant physically, but it seems to fit.

I have been walking around my neighborhood after work these days to help get some exercise.  It is already in the high 90’s here in Texas (102 as I type this) and it isn’t unreasonable to find that sort of heat oppressive when it comes to exercise.  

Yesterday I was ready to do my walk when my wife suggested I go with her to our local grocery.   I turned on my Fitbit to track my steps and interestingly, I walked almost as much in the air conditioning and with the added bonus of seeing a fine buffet of young professional women either shopping on the way home from work or shopping on their way home from the gym.  In either case, I approve!  Call me a pervert but I love a woman dressed for a professional setting and I also love a woman dressed for the gym.   I guess I should be happy that I’m at least getting exercise while enjoying the view.

I’ve already had my mid-life crisis (many of you followed it as it happened on the blog), so this is just me saying, I need to make the best of things before they slip away.


Please don’t get the idea that I’m in some sort of funk.  These are just some random notes I e-mail myself throughout the day.

Also, if you e-mail, please know that I am only able to access my e-mail from my truck during the work day.  Yep, one of those jobs where we can;t have cell phones inside or access naughty G-Mail accounts.  I do try to check and respond as many times as I can, but I actually do more than flirt with my co-workers and sneak off to back offices for BJ’s.

Comments and e-mails are always appreciated.

May your day be filled with joy,