Curious Rob on Strictly Anonymous…

I am eager to get my morning drive started so I can start listening to Curious Rob’s interview on the Strictly Anonymous Podcast.  You ought to check it out, too.

In the mean time, Rob was kind enough to get the Reddit idea for discussing that podcast going.  You can find Let’s Talk Strictly Anonymous Podcast by clicking there and make comments.  It is new so we’ve only got my interview and Rob’s but we’ll start adding in more.  In fact, once it gets uploaded, another blogger and correspondent here, bdenied will have his post on the Reddit page.

So, join in the discussion.  And I should also note, so many of you would be an interesting interview.  Just e-mail Kathy K.  I’m sure she’d love to hear your story.



For those of you who know I post my blog from the greater San Antonio area, I just wanted to let you know – so far, so good.  We can always use the rain, though we don’t do well when we get lots of rain.  There simply is no place for the rain to run off, and our major thoroughfares tend to fill up like bath tubs.  Makes driving fun.

The hurricane is creating havoc for those of my friends to the south and east of San Antonio.  From Houston, Galveston, Victoria all the way south to Rockport and  Corpus Christi; lots of flooding.  There has been a steady stream of folks driving into San Antonio for shelter which should make the roads that much funner to navigate.

For now, Internet works!

IGHIH: Always Room for Pie…

I pulled into the driveway and saw JD’s truck out front.  I checked my phone for messages but nothing yet.  In the morning my wife had asked me what pictures I’d like. My request was that if they fucked, she send a picture of him inside her.

I walked in and as usually is the case, they were sitting in the kitchen having a drink after the sex.  JD was in his underwear and t-shirt; my wife was wearing his dress shirt with the buttons completely open, breasts hanging free.  JD made a comical act of pretending I had caught them in the act.

We all laughed and then I asked about the pictures. “Oh, shit!” My wife said as she handed me her phone.

I scrolled through the pictures, some nice blow job views and finally, several blurred action shots where JD is penetrating her vagina. from the rear.    I scrolled through a few times and smiled. My wife then asked if I cared to do anything before she cleaned herself up.  I passed on the offer, took a sip of my iced tea and looked through the pictures one more time.

JD stepped away from the counter and pulled his underwear down to reveal his flaccid cock and freshly man-groomed pubic area.  “She gave me a good trim.” And they both giggled as he reached for his trousers hanging on the back of the bar stool.

I asked him how things were going at home and he told me that there was a state of calm and he no longer felt like his wife was constantly looking for a fight.  He added that he just had to be really careful.

In a few moments we said our goodbyes and as she walked him out, I retreated to the bedroom and undressed.  I can’t explain why I felt the urge to take my turn alone, but I was not upset that the two of them had spent some quality time together.  I’m reminded of the term compersion, but now it was my turn.

She walked in the room and I was on the bed, fully erect.  “What can I do for you?” she asked.

Now completely nude, she climbed onto the bed and I motioned for her to climb on top of me, patting my chest and pulling her toward my face.  Within a minute of him being gone, my tongue was darting in and out of her freshly shaved, freshly fucked pussy.

If you have ever seen those cuckold face-sitting images and videos where the wife grinds her pussy into her husband’s face, this was what I had in mind.  For men who enjoy the hotwife experience, the ultimate goal, the holy grail if you will is the cream pie.  As she grinded herself on my mouth, using my chin as a device to gain leverage, she asked if I could taste him.  My dick grew even harder.

Honestly, at the beginning there was no cummy scent, but instead, I could actually taste the Dos Equis from his breath.  It was clear that he had a beer before going down on her.

She commented that we both had such completely different styles of cunnilingus, though she very much enjoyed both of us.  This for some reason made me want to do better, and I reached my fingers to her clit and begin playing harder as I licked and sucked.

By now, the remnants of JD’s spunk had reached my taste buds.  His scent is not pungent in any way, or perhaps I just enjoy the taste of a man’s seed.

My wife lifted her self and rolled over to her side of the bed where she retrieved the mouthpiece vibrator from the bedside table.  She asked me to turn my body sideways across the bed, then positioned herself on top of me in a sixty-nine.  While the mouth vibe felt wonderful on my rock hard penis, I was mostly interested in working the pussy.

Within about two minutes, I could feel the familiar trembling of her body and the loud moan she produces at climax. And with her juices flowing, I could fully taste and feel the evidence that JD had unloaded very deep in my wife.

I’m not naive about how the body works.  I get that much of his cummy load had dripped into the toilet shortly after their sex, but there is always enough left inside to give a husband his prize after the fact.

My face was covered in their combined juices when my wife rolled onto her back exhausted as I mounted her.  She spread her legs wide actually grabbing her toes almost like a cheerleader might during some jump.  I pumped her pussy as deeply as my body would take me with her cheering me on, telling me how much harder my cock was than JD’s.  And for the second time in under half an hour, she was filled with a man’s cum.

Cock-Blocking and Sharing…

Sunday night my gay coworker and his husband came over to get in the hot tub then watch Game of Thrones.  Many beers later, we were back in the tub after the show and of course my dick was exposed several times.   Nothing came of that besides giggles.  It isn’t that these two men are opposed to playing with others; in fact they were talking to my wife about all the men they bring home for threesomes.

Anyway, the night ended and the following evening, my wife and I were in bed when she asked me if she had cock blocked me?   This was a strange question considering her less than excited feelings about my bi side.

I told her that not only had she not cock blocked anyone, but truthfully, I have no interest in those those guys.  Of course, my coworker and I have sucked each other a few times before, but just because, well, guys are guys.

Either way, she continued her questioning and asked me who I was interested in – as a boyfriend!   What the fuck?  Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife?

I was not interested in this conversation at all.  I’ve adopted the don’t ask, don’t tell policy at her urging and have operated in this private, secretive fashion for years.  Yes, it is growth that she is apparently becoming more accepting of my bi interests, but I don’t care to have a boyfriend.

Without any input from me, she concluded that I was interested in Pancho.  Well yes, I’ve sucked his dick and I’d gladly do it again, but as I told him, I don’t see us holding hands walking along the beach like lovers.

I do think it is positive that my wife is opening up to my bi side.  But seriously, unless it manifests in us sharing a dick during a threesome or her getting off on watching me with another guy, I just don’t care to discuss it with her.  I have a blog for that!

If I lived in the perfect world, I would have a cool neighbor who was bi, and his wife would be friends with my wife. And then, when he and I were hanging out, we could blow each other.  That’s my perfect world scenario.  That scenario does not include me sharing the details of that bi sex with my wife.

At least not today.

A Case for Monogamish…

One of my favorite people e-mailed me this morning complaining about he sex she had with her husband.  But it was more than the shitty sex; it was the overall expectation of sex when the rest of the day had been a disaster.  I immediately knew the feeling.

Our elders have always offered the advice, don’t ever go to bed mad.  That means, I think, fight it out, then have make-up sex.  Make up sex is always good.  What is bad sex is when you are mad at the person or the is no connection between your desire for the person and the sex you are having.  It is made even worse if you are fucking and in your mind going over the shitty things they did that day.

I think our elders were pretty smart with that advice, but I should note that for the most part, our elders lived in a time when the men ruled the roost and the women shut their pie-hole and didn’t talk back.  These days, thankfully, women are not slaves to their husbands and as TV commercials prove, the husbands are all incompetent dorks who require a wife to guide them through life.

I told my friend that after reading her e-mail, I think she made a good case for not being monogamous.    I mean, it occurs to me that the reason most people who have been in really long term relationships or marriages lose that spark is that both parties are so sick of each other as people that the thought of “making love” is out the window.  I’ve been feeling this way for years about my own wife.  I’m so busy being irritated with her about past bitchiness that by the time we get in bed, the last thing on my mind is snuggling up and going down on her.

Yet, you add in the factor of kink and now I’m interested.  I don’t think that I just don’t want sex; I think that I don’t want to make love to my wife.

I was reading Dr David Ley‘s Insatiable Wives and he points out that one of the reasons the penis is shaped the way it is is so that the head can act as a plunger to pull out the semen of the guy who just fucked his mate and thereby allow his sperm to impregnate her.  Think about hat for a moment.  Before God came along and told everybody to be monogamous, women were fucking all the guys in the tribe and the main partner needed to make sure he was the one to impregnate her, not the other guy.

They’ve done experiments to show that a man who is fighting for his wife becomes more aroused and that the potency of his ejaculate is stronger when his wife has been unfaithful.  Or in the case of caveman days, his buddy conked her over the head, dragged her to a corner and fucked her before her husband could get to her.

We have progressed over the years and of course, we don’t conk women over the head to mate with them (serial killers excluded).  But that instinctual trigger when we see another man show interest in our woman is still there.  And women, you aren’t left out of this.  It is a proven fact that women seek out a mate who is a good provider for her children.  She will take an ugly fat guy who is rich over an athletic bum.  But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t actually want to fuck the bum.

I’m not trying to get my friend to cheat on her husband.  They have a good marriage, great family and all, but like most people who have been married for a number of years, the sex department is shitty.  And, like most relationships, they love the other person but don’t necessarily like them all the time.

More and more, I realize that what has made my marriage bearable is that I have accepted why I flirt with other women at work and online and why I enjoy my wife being with JD (and Pancho, maybe).  It is something to take me away from the constant reminder of the same old shit we deal with day in and day out.

We’ve been watching Man in the High Castle (Amazon).  I want to like it so bad but for crap’s sake, I either fall asleep or I just can’t follow it. We’ve been binge watching and are half way through season two.  Friday night we got in bed and I was out like a light.  Saturday morning I wake up to my wife yanking on my wiener. No talk, just using her toes to push down my underwear, then once hard, she climbed on top.  She rode my dick and I woke up enough to slap her ass several times then pinch her nipples.  As soon as I came, she quickly got herself off before my dick could deflate.

Later, I wanted to take my truck out for a drive up to the Cowboy Capital of Texas,  Bandera, for lunch.  The entire way there and back, she talked about how wonderful the day was and how much she loved everything.  She asked if I was happy that she surprised me with morning sex (it isn’t like this doesn’t ever happen).  I feel like a jerk because all I wanted her to do was stop talking,  Stop trying to sell the idea that it was all so wonderful.  I kept thinking to myself, if she really wanted it to be perfect, she would just enjoy the ride.

I think my point is, people want to live in the Facebook world of how great marriage is.  I still truly believe that people should have primary partners that they stay with for life, that they raise a family and create a family environment with grandchildren and such.  But more and more, I think the only true way to keep that environment both happy and sane is for both primary partners to have outside relationships.  It doesn’t have to be as in your face as the type of thing we have with JD.  It could be secret e-mails to other people or it could be a guy getting a BJ from a co-worker or even a prostitute.  I don’t have the answer for the exact formula.  I just think the idea of that single partner forever with no outside release, either physically or emotionally is a dead concept.

If you read this blog, you probably already agree with me.  But I’m still open to comments and e-mails.


Tell Me About Reddit…

I know many of you are Reddit people and I’ve actually looked around there from time to time.  I only recently created an account.  I’m interested in possibly creating a sub-Reddit to form a discussion area for a particular podcast.  Question is, am I better off using a different platform?

I have to wait at least 30 days and gather a certain level of Karma on Reddit, so I do plan to spend more time exploring, so, feel free to share your favorites with me, either via comment or e-mail.

I’m also open to any suggestions with regards to a better venue for discussing weekly podcast episodes.

Monday Morning Rambling…

Blah!   After I posted Weekend Notes on Friday, my weekend turned to shit.  I have an expensive issue with my vehicle and while there is no good time for that, it comes at a time when my wife and I are involved in an expensive investment.  Obviously, I’m avoiding specifics but this is normal stuff that people have to deal with.  Such is life.  And it sent me into a brief depression that I quickly escaped by Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday I happened to see one of my wife’s sisters.  I’ve always had a crush on her.  Hey, remember that time I was doing some work at her house to help her with some repairs and I raided her dirty clothes hamper to sniff her panties? Yes, that one.

You know I have a thing for older women. She is at least five years my senior, so she qualifies.  I told her that I really liked her hair and the fact she is allowing it to go gray.  She smiled and then laughed and thanked me with a hug.  What I wanted to ask was if the carpet matched the drapes.  Maybe some other time.

I feel like I’m well over my mid life crisis, yet, why am I even having inappropriate thoughts about my sister in law?  Do you think that I am more turned on by the risk of an inappropriate relationship, chasing after something that would be so risky that it couldn’t possibly be worth it?

Why have I developed friendships with Emma and Erin?  It isn’t like I’ll have sex with either of them, yet the risk of having shared such secrets with them is actually a turn on.  Or is it?

Ugh.  I have lots of people to share my weirdness with.  First, I can blog.  But I also correspond with many of you readers.  There is literally no risk if I get caught since at this point I could simply say to my wife, you are fucking another guy, and you are upset I emailed someone who lives in another state?

I do get a lot from these email conversations.  Many of you skip the comments button all together and go directly to the email.  Thank you for that.  I love that we can compare notes on our perverse lives or in the cases of many of you, the conversations evolve to fairly normal, non-sexual discussions about life.

Anyway, I ramble on.

I think I mentioned before that I have been going back through the archives and reposting some of the previous blog posts.  If you are a recent visitor to the blog, I hope you will consider looking at some of the older posts. My youthful angst.  I say youthful knowing full well I didn’t start the blog until I was in my forties.

Here is something interesting to ponder.  I have a sister who has zero, none, notta, no presence on social media anywhere.  It actually has been a pain trying to share family photos and information when everyone else at least has FB, whether they check it or not.  But not this one.  I often wondered why.

About ten years ago when I first started finding the amateur porn pics I so enjoy – you know, pics of people’s wives and girlfriends (and regular guys showing their dicks – if I’m being totally honest), I stumbled across this picture of a lady in lingerie that was a doppleganger for my sister.  No, I’m not posting it you perverts.  I was so convinced it was her, I actually shared it with my older brother who was also a little shocked by the resemblance.  Of course, we never brought it up to anyone beyond that.

Several days ago as I was thumbing through Tumblr on my phone, I saw another picture that I swear to you was the spitting image of this same sister.  It was nothing crazy, nothing more than a nude taken in a bedroom.  No sex, just a naked lady.  But that picture got me thinking. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the reason she has never adopted social media in any form, even to keep in touch with her own kids, is because she fears being one of these victims of the hate filled porn where people blast nudes all over the FB pages of people they find naked.

Eventually, everyone will be exposed in some form or fashion and none of us will have anything over the others.  All politicians will cop to having been Anthony Wiener at some point, just like they all now admit to smoking pot. I’m not saying all politicians are psychotic, but I’m sure when they get a little bit of power, it goes to the dick and they grope an intern or two.  

Anyway, I ramble.  It is Monday morning.  Wish us all a better week.