About Last Night…

I have a friend, Co-worker C, the gay colleague of mine, who will not drink alone.  I guess he figured out years ago that nothing good comes from a lone drinker, sipping beers and contemplating life. 

My wife and I did a shrimp boil for dinner. It was our first time trying the recipe and it was great, especially with the beers we drank along with the shrimp, sausage, potatoes and such. 

After dinner we retreated to the hot tub for an hour of more drinking and talk.  From there, we headed to the bedroom for some Friday night sex followed by showers and then made our way upstairs to watch TV before bed. 

Instead of our normal shows, there was a basketball game on and this is where things went awry.  I decided to watch the game and drink several more beers and she opted to make phone calls. 

My first bad act was that while she was on the phone with her sister, I proceeded to have a conversation with that same sister where I confessed that I wanted to go down on her. 

Yep.  While my wife was talking to her. 

The sister shut me down and told me to delete the conversation which I did.  I’ll apologize to her today. 

Next, I had a conversation with the daughter of the late Co-Worker Rick.  That was a legitimate conversation with no sexual overtones, but she is 23 and cute, so I’m sure if there had been an opening, I would have gone there.  Pure creeper. 

At some point my wife decided to go to bed.  I should have joined her but instead I had one more beer and when I saw a friend of my wife’s online, I started chatting with her.  She got flirty fast.  Who says women don’t initiate these conversations? 

She sent me her boobs and I sent her my dick.  Well, now I know.  She’d be down to fuck if the opportunity presented itself, but I doubt that will ever happen. 

I deleted that conversation and moved on.  Next a chatted with my wife’s other sister.  No sex there, but it was a nice friendly chat. 

Finally, I started a conversation with a friend from my vanilla life.  I regretted it immediately because I realized I had nothing to say to her that didn’t involve sexual questions.  So I moved on and went to bed. 

I would say that I certainly was not drunk in the sense of people getting liquored up and doing stupid things, but I was tipsy.  And I rarely have conversations like I did last night.  I need to tuck my phone away somewhere the next time I have a few beers. 


3 thoughts on “About Last Night…

  1. I have heard that ones personality changes when one drinks. I disagree, I think ones true personality comes to the surface because there is no longer a small voice suppressing our true personality. The alcohol puts that small voice to sleep and basically tells it to keep its opinions to itself.

    Alcohol and pussy have been the downfall of the most powerful men in history, and Im not sure which causes the most power loss.

  2. @Bdenied: I could not agree with you more. I don't think for a minute I hadn't been thinking those things I said wile sober as a judge, I just had the common sense or courtesy to listen to that little voice that says, “Bad move.”

  3. Jeez you knucklehead. 😉

    Hopefully the wife's sister won't tell on you!

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