Season’s Greetings and Random Notes…

It is quite a thing for me to find myself with a few moments to myself and thus, I offer my free time to you, the readers who happen upon this place to provide you with some greetings of the holiday season and a few random notes.

If you are like me and are all sorts of Grinchy this time of year, I say, hang in there, it is almost over.  If you are the festive holiday type, I truly do offer the wellest of wishes to you and hope that Santa brought you something good.

Mrs. JFB and I had a very subdued, very lounge-like Christmas that involved very little movement off the couch and lots of TV.  I did go out for a nice long walk but that was about as much exercise as I could conjure up.

So, I did get an interesting e-mail in my inbox.  It was from a lady who said, “I’m working on a free mental health project focused on educating people about various everyday topics, and I’d like to link to your site;…”

She specifically mentioned the Links tab that I have and don’t do a good job of keeping up to date.  She then went on to say, “…none of the content on your site will be copied or spoken of in a negative tone.”

I did a little research on the name associated with the e-mail she sent, and it does seem she is a legitimate freelance writer.  I did give my consent but also asked in response if I had a mental health issue she was addressing.  I asked half joking, but never saw a response.

The funny thing is, since I’ve been blogging, both on this blog and former vanilla blogs, I have gotten numerous requests to use photos or quote things I’ve written.  I think it is great that people ask since I happen to know several professional photographers who constantly find their work stolen.

Anyway, I’ll be checking back to see in what way someone could find my particular jumble of links (mostly to Tumblrs) to be associated with some sort of mental health issue.  I’m not saying I don’t probably have some sort of mental health issue, mind you, so maybe this will be informative.

And maybe I should go click through the links and remove old broken ones.

Speaking of Tumblr.  I need to cut back.  I mean, really, I find it so easy to be checking my phone and just click on that app and find myself wasting five minutes here or there.  The problem is, when I see an interesting photo, I want to chase the link back to the original Tumblr and see what other interesting things they have.  This is going to sound weird, but I have found myself looking at foreign Tumblrs, including places like India and Pakistan.

Now there is no question that, as a white guy, I have a solid interest in ethnic people.  That is to say, darker skin tones, especially given that San Antonio is made up of so many Latina’s.  But looking at women from India, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia and so many middle eastern and southeast Asian places, I’ve found their amateur porn and pictures to be so much different, yet so similar to what people here do.

One example is, cuckolds.  I know it is not anything new and it was not invented by Americans, but holy hell, who knew so many Paki men want to watch their wife being fucked by another man? And of course, gay men.  I had no idea that in lands where being gay is a considerably dangerous thing, that so many men are blowing each other, and making videos of the act.

I have been attracted to women of the Indian and Pakistani areas for a while.  And women who cover themselves?  It is true that there is something so seductive about seeing a woman in a hijab who strips.  It is a lot more interesting that watching a woman at the beach in a bikini show her boobs.  In this case, it is a deliberate seductive act of displaying the forbidden.  Or maybe I’m just a damn pervert.

There is a downside of looking at some foreign stuff.  I have seen quite a few videos where I feel like either, the intent was to come across as abusive, or, it really was abusive.  An example being a man having sex with a woman who, when her face is shown seems to not be enjoying life.  Maybe I’m reading into it.  Maybe she is not enjoying the fact that he is fucking her while he takes video of the act.  But in some cases, it just seems like a bad situation.

I have to admit, I’m somewhat sensitive to that sort of thing.  My main reason for disliking commercial porn is the looks of anger on the guy’s faces as they seem to hate-fuck these actresses.  I get it, they are playing to an audience of angry young (or old) men who hate the fact that they can’t get any pussy for themselves.  But I’ve always asked, who could be so mad at having sex?  You are having sex, why are you so angry about it?

On the brighter side, I like seeing all shapes and sizes and bodies that will never make it to the airbrushed pages of Maxim or Playboy.  I just prefer people who have flaws and an extra few pounds.  I like seeing women who do not have the perfect complexion or men who don’t have 8 inches of cock.  If I’m being honest, I prefer men with five inches.  Bigger or smaller is fine, too.  But just saying.

I can only assume that the Tumblr game will come to an end before too long and I’ll have to find the next place to look at the pictures people post of themselves.

To all the people I regularly correspond with via e-mail, I hope my slacking over the holidays has not been too obvious.  I always enjoy the e-mails I get and I really do try to e-mail back as soon as I can.

In case I don’t post again before the 1st day of 2018, I’d like to leave by saying, good fucking riddance to 2017.  Hoping all of you have a wonderfully prosperous and sexually exciting new year.


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