Two For Thursday…

I seem to have a lot of sexual talk, but not a lot of sexual action.  You recall some time back I wrote a few posts about a co-worker I called, The Intern.  I called her that because she was in an intern program as a way of getting her foot in the door.  Let’s fast forward.  She is not an intern any longer but through a series of tactical moves, she is now a full fledged employee, though working in another office.  I mention all this because I know there were several of you who, rightly, were convinced I was playing with fire, what with her being an intern and all.  As a reminder, this isn’t some nineteen year-old we are talking about, but rather a woman with adult aged children.  Granted, she started early.

So throughout these moves of positions to get herself on as a regular employee, she and I have stayed in touch and in fact, my wife and I have gone out with her and her husband for dinner and such.  No sex; promise.

Thursday morning she sends me an instant message and immediately goes into flirt mode, but I can see that it is a way of getting me to offer her some advice.  She told me she has been having extremely vivid sex dreams about a former lover.  So extensive that when she wakes up, she is pissed that she woke up, and so exhausting that she is warn out.  Damn, I need to drink whatever tea she is having before bed.

The conversation goes on and we decided to grab lunch together.  She picked me up and unloads the story of this previous lover.  Too much detail to go into here, but during our drive to a local restaurant, she reveals that this is the BEST lover she has ever had, they just clicked, they would engage in four hour long sex sessions, to which I offered that I have immediately been eliminated as a possible sex partner for her. 

We went on to discuss things with her and her husband – he is a wonderful lover, just not nearly as good as this past guy.  No, they don’t have enough sex but it is because they are both tired all the time.  The usual married stuff. 

I asked her if her husband would give her a hall pass to get this other guy out of her system.  She just gave me the same look that most people in conventional monogamous marriages would give you when you suggested a hall pass.

We grabbed our food to go, then went and parked in the back of a parking lot at work.  During all this time, I realized that there was no resolution to this problem of hers.  It was clear to both of us that she was going to track down this guy and they are at some point going to fuck.  I spent a good ten minutes telling her over and over, “Do NOT go and see this guy.”

We finished eating and in between me advising her not to go see this guy because it will only lead to disaster,  we talked about the latest Hollywood and political “Me Too” business going on.  This will surely be offensive to some of you, but she told me it was all bullshit.  She said she just doesn’t buy someone coming back ten years or twenty years later and claiming a guy jacked off in front of them, and now it was an issue. 

And yes, I know you see this coming. I whipped out my dick and showed it to her, but only after I joked about it and she finally said, “Show me your damn dick.”

I really like her husband.  I really hope she doesn’t fuck this up.


After work, I got a message from the young couple I’ve written about.  The local folks who I’ve met in person to watch in action.  Turns out they were checked into a hotel for a night out.  I got the room number and in spite of traffic, I was there in under twenty minutes.

I had told them that I could only stop in and say hello and had to get home.  When I arrived and knocked on the door, she ws in the shower.  The husband and I exchanged pleasantries and in a few, the wife came out of the shower in her towel.  They were having wine and I declined the offer, since I had to get home, but I was there long enough to see her completely nude, and at the husband’s request, give her some light spankings on her beautiful ass. 

The husband and I pulled out our dicks and we actually did this weird pressing them together thing and the wife stroked us both briefly.  It was nice to have her tug on my dick, but I wasn’t going to be staying for anything further.  My wife was texting me to pick up some stuff on my way home. 

In the end, I offered them a nice evening and I handed them some money to pay for dinner.  They both declined the offer saying it really wasn’t necessary so I just left the cash on a dresser, and said to please enjoy.  The wife did end me a note later and thanked me (along with a picture of her blowing her husband.)

In spite of the horrible afternoon traffic, I made it home in time for dinner.  And that was how my Thursday went.


2 thoughts on “Two For Thursday…

  1. Damn you have more control than I would have had! Would have to try to get it going and get off! Maybe next time!

  2. I gotta meet this couple..they both sound like fun and I think wanted more that you could give and I am not talking about money.

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