Two For Thursday…

I seem to have a lot of sexual talk, but not a lot of sexual action.  You recall some time back I wrote a few posts about a co-worker I called, The Intern.  I called her that because she was in an intern program as a way of getting her foot in the door.  Let’s fast forward.  She is not an intern any longer but through a series of tactical moves, she is now a full fledged employee, though working in another office.  I mention all this because I know there were several of you who, rightly, were convinced I was playing with fire, what with her being an intern and all.  As a reminder, this isn’t some nineteen year-old we are talking about, but rather a woman with adult aged children.  Granted, she started early.

So throughout these moves of positions to get herself on as a regular employee, she and I have stayed in touch and in fact, my wife and I have gone out with her and her husband for dinner and such.  No sex; promise.

Thursday morning she sends me an instant message and immediately goes into flirt mode, but I can see that it is a way of getting me to offer her some advice.  She told me she has been having extremely vivid sex dreams about a former lover.  So extensive that when she wakes up, she is pissed that she woke up, and so exhausting that she is warn out.  Damn, I need to drink whatever tea she is having before bed.

The conversation goes on and we decided to grab lunch together.  She picked me up and unloads the story of this previous lover.  Too much detail to go into here, but during our drive to a local restaurant, she reveals that this is the BEST lover she has ever had, they just clicked, they would engage in four hour long sex sessions, to which I offered that I have immediately been eliminated as a possible sex partner for her. 

We went on to discuss things with her and her husband – he is a wonderful lover, just not nearly as good as this past guy.  No, they don’t have enough sex but it is because they are both tired all the time.  The usual married stuff. 

I asked her if her husband would give her a hall pass to get this other guy out of her system.  She just gave me the same look that most people in conventional monogamous marriages would give you when you suggested a hall pass.

We grabbed our food to go, then went and parked in the back of a parking lot at work.  During all this time, I realized that there was no resolution to this problem of hers.  It was clear to both of us that she was going to track down this guy and they are at some point going to fuck.  I spent a good ten minutes telling her over and over, “Do NOT go and see this guy.”

We finished eating and in between me advising her not to go see this guy because it will only lead to disaster,  we talked about the latest Hollywood and political “Me Too” business going on.  This will surely be offensive to some of you, but she told me it was all bullshit.  She said she just doesn’t buy someone coming back ten years or twenty years later and claiming a guy jacked off in front of them, and now it was an issue. 

And yes, I know you see this coming. I whipped out my dick and showed it to her, but only after I joked about it and she finally said, “Show me your damn dick.”

I really like her husband.  I really hope she doesn’t fuck this up.


After work, I got a message from the young couple I’ve written about.  The local folks who I’ve met in person to watch in action.  Turns out they were checked into a hotel for a night out.  I got the room number and in spite of traffic, I was there in under twenty minutes.

I had told them that I could only stop in and say hello and had to get home.  When I arrived and knocked on the door, she ws in the shower.  The husband and I exchanged pleasantries and in a few, the wife came out of the shower in her towel.  They were having wine and I declined the offer, since I had to get home, but I was there long enough to see her completely nude, and at the husband’s request, give her some light spankings on her beautiful ass. 

The husband and I pulled out our dicks and we actually did this weird pressing them together thing and the wife stroked us both briefly.  It was nice to have her tug on my dick, but I wasn’t going to be staying for anything further.  My wife was texting me to pick up some stuff on my way home. 

In the end, I offered them a nice evening and I handed them some money to pay for dinner.  They both declined the offer saying it really wasn’t necessary so I just left the cash on a dresser, and said to please enjoy.  The wife did end me a note later and thanked me (along with a picture of her blowing her husband.)

In spite of the horrible afternoon traffic, I made it home in time for dinner.  And that was how my Thursday went.


The Right Way To Do It… Or Not.

The whole concept of my wife having a regular friends with benefits arrangement with JD has just become so routine for us.  And yes, I know they are more than just friends.  For some guys, that would be a deal breaker.  For me, I prefer there to be some commitment there. 

This life is not for everyone.  If you are a guy who has these hotwife fantasies, you really have to be careful that you may get what you ask for and then not be able to handle it. 

We’ve been doing this in some form or fashion for years, and I assure you, there have been some glitches along the way.  But now, after over thirty years of marriage, we are in a good place for this particular part of our relationship. 

Nothing is perfect.  Don’t believe those unbelievable Facebook curated perfect marriages.  You know what I mean.  The pictures are tightly cropped to show great bodies, all smiles and happy couples.  Meanwhile, they are probably sick of each other and only staying together for the kids and the mortgage payment. 

I’m not trying to suggest my wife and I are in a perfect world either.  We aren’t.  But this particular part is pretty damn good. 

I only bring it up because I don’t want people who come across this or similar blogs to point to this as the perfect way forward.  If you read the advice of hotwife lifestyle experts, you’ll see that my wife and I broke all the rules. 

First and foremost, we have been with people we know or guys I’ve worked with.  Most experts will say that presents too much risk.  What if the relationship goes bad? Now what?  Or what if the wife falls in love? 

Another rule we broke is that my wife routinely meets with JD without me being present.  Many experts say that is playing with fire.  But keep in mind, we’ve been doing this for years.  I don’t have a jealous bone in my body, so if I can’t get home from work in time, why should I stop my wife and JD from having a good time?

In terms of openness and honesty, I am a complete scoundrel.  I have this blog, a Tumblr, I have a dozen email confidants with whom I share my thoughts and issues beyond what I write here or share with my wife. 

I went on a nationally presented podcast and confessed to having a completely secret life my wife knows nothing of.

I have confided in people who know my wife, which is frankly my biggest sin.  That is to say, my wife talks to these people and has no idea that that person knows details about our sex life.  Or have seen my dick.  Or have shown me their private parts. 

To many people who engage in sexually open arrangements with their spouse, I think they’d look at us as doing everything wrong.  I’m just trying to point out to those people who read this, you have to think long and hard before you take a stab at it.  And then, you have to do it in a way that works for your relationship.  There is no real right or wrong, only what works for you.

Does Penis Size Relate to Desire to be Cuckolded?

I recently had a conversation with a fellow blogger who shall remain anonymous unless he chooses to identify himself, wherein we were trading stories about having a shy bladder.  One of the crappiest things about being in the military or working for the government is the constant requirement to take a pee test.  This isn’t the sort of thing in the civilian sector where they hand you a cup and you retreat to a private restroom to fill it up. 

In the military, they have an actual observer who must visually observe the urine transfer from your wiener (or vagina) into the cup.  This is evidence people, and if you’ve been smoking dope or injecting yourself with heroin, they want the observer to be able to testify in a court that they can verify it was your pee that went in the cup.

Okay, so if you have to do this sort of thing several times a year, you’d think that you’d just get used to it and be able to whip it out, fill the cup and move along.  Not me.  I’m a man in my mid-fifties, and no matter how many times I have to perform this service for my country, my dick seems to not only put the clamp down on urine delivery, but worse, I shrivel up like a prune.

I’ve often imagined that if I was a well endowed guy, I’d gladly stroll into the collection point, penis hanging out for all to see, ready to take on any and all observers.  But alas, I am already starting from the “average” dick size and when I have to pee in front of a crowd or at a bar where they don’t have those dividers, or heaven forbid, the trough still found in some Texas places, my dick goes tiny.

The strange thing is, if you’ve read this blog, you know I have no issue at all with showing my dick to others.  But the reality is, when I do that, I am not shriveled up.  I don’t even have to be semi-erect or fully hard.  That weirdness isn’t present, even in front of more endowed guys.  I have no problem with being the guy with the smaller dick in front of other people.  Just don’t make me pee.

So it just so happens that this fellow blogger I was talking with is into the Hotwife/cuckold scene as I am.  While we had a good laugh agonizing over our less than huge dicks, it occurred to me that most of the men I’ve encountered who were into the cuckold fetish, one of the turn ons was the idea of, or more importantly, the visual of their wife taking a much more well endowed lover. 

There is an entire genre of the cuckold world focused on the Big Black Cock (BBC).  I frankly find it slightly racist, but that’s not the point.  The point is the first B in BBC.  Big, for Big Cock.  How many cuckolds want their wife to hook up with a guy who happens to be hung like a third grader? 

If you read any Hotwife or cuckold sort of erotica, the male writer almost always makes reference to the larger size of the other male or even goes into great detail about how the “bull” (a term I hate) stretched his wife’s pussy or how she was in such pain from it all.  Some dipshits write about how he was so large that the cuckold’s minuscule penis could no longer even touch the walls.  These cuckolds obviously never fucked a woman after she had a kid or two, so they do not realize that the vagina is able to accommodate large things and go back to normal.

At any rate, the question remains.  Do men with smaller cocks have more of a propensity to be turned on by sharing their wives with more endowed men?   Do gay men who get off on being cuckolded have a similar relationship in penis size?

I’m eager to read your comments and thoughts on this.  E-mail works.

IGHIH: Glass…

Once again my timing at work prevented me from getting in on a good thing.  Our buddy JD was able to get out of work early and spend an hour and a half hanging out  with my wife, genuinely hoping that I could make it and be part of the good time, but as we all agree, work comes before play.

I was trying to wrap things up in the office and saw that I had missed a note from my wife telling me JD will be at the house when I got home, hurry! By the time I got to my truck and could check the phone, I saw a text from her saying, “Too late.”

I’ve mentioned before that the fact we can’t meet for threesomes often and the fact that the two of them can only meet slightly more often, I think that keeps some mystery to the whole arrangement.  But yes, I wish I could have been home for this one.

My wife told me later that JD popped a little blue pill and after they both had a few beers and talked about family and stuff, they headed to the bedroom, realizing that I wasn’t going to make it home for the full event.

A while back, JD had sent this large glass dildoe that frankly scared the crap out of both of us.  Apparently, when used along with a healthy serving of cunnilingus, it is quite pleasurable.

After several orgasms over her own, my wife says that JD was extremely hard, harder than she had really seen him in years, and she just needed to ride his big, thick cock.  Of course, as she is telling me these details, she was riding my own hard cock.

She mounted him in a reverse cowgirl fashion and played with his balls as he moaned with pleasure.  She says that even though she had already enjoyed a few orgasms from his tongue, the pleasure of really feeling his hard dick without fear that it might lose it was very much a welcome thing.

Before long, JD reported that he was getting close and suggested that she dismount so he could come on her boobs but she insisted she needed to feel him shoot inside her. As soon as she began to describe his dick pulsating in her, I unloaded my own load.

“Too bad you weren’t here.  We were both hoping you would have cleaned up the mess.” She said with a giggle.

Car Sex: Hotwife and Voyeurism…

You may recall the young couple I met with for a brief panties party several weeks back.  The husband reached out to me and said they’d be open to meeting again and of course, I was game.

We emailed back and forth a few times to discuss the possibilities of what this meeting might entail.  I learned from the first meeting that the young wife doesn’t normally wear panties, just as a preference.  She doesn’t wander around flashing people, but she just doesn’t usually wear panties.  With that in mind, I offered up the idea that it would be cool to watch her lift her skirt and play with herself.

I had this vision of us meeting somewhere, the two of them getting into the backseat of my truck and then from the front seat, I’d turn around and observe.  I should point out that as a voyeur, I don’t have a need to touch or be a part of the action, so to me, this was a great arrangement.

The husband suggested a location that was not far from where I work.  Once you get out into the country south of San Antonio, there are so many places that a dead body could be dropped and it would take some time for it to be found.  I arrived first and had a moment of nerves when I saw just how secluded this place was.  I sent him a text and asked if they intended to leave my dead body there. He quickly responded, the only thing they planned to leave is fluids!

The dead end road had a series of small ranches and some country houses leading up to it, but not much else.  Nobody was going to see anything.  As planned, they jumped out of their car and climbed into the back seat of my truck.  The wife was dressed very nicely in a short skirt and a nice blouse.  No panties or bra.

We exchanged pleasantries and the husband quickly asked what I’d like to see.  There’s an ice breaker. 

I suggested she lift her skirt and allow me a good look at her lady area.  The wife was freshly shaved and it was clear she had been playing with herself on the ride there.  The first time we met, her labia was completely closed-in whereas now, she was aroused and the labia were showing.

I asked if she could also expose her breasts and without hesitation she was topless.

The husband coached her a bit, suggesting this and that in order to put on a show for me.  I encouraged her with giving her honest but polite comments about how pretty she was, how nice her pussy was, etc.  she loved the praise.  The husband loved it too.

I could see he was rock hard and I suggested that he could pull down his pants if he wanted.  No hesitation from him at all and within seconds, her face was in his lap giving him head.

Next, he encouraged the wife to mount his dick and I was sitting in the front seat watching her ride his cock.  He suggested I spank her, and after a split second of hesitation, I did so.  I guess having a stranger slap her ass as she fucked her husband was a turn on fort both of them.

He guided her down onto the center console of the truck which basically left her head and chest in the front seat with me as he continued to fuck her.  He motioned for me to play with her breasts and I asked her softly if that was okay. She smiled at me and nodded yes, then shut her eyes as the husband with drew his cock and began eating her pussy.

I gently fondled the small A-cup titties and even took a nipple into my mouth as he devoured her beautiful pussy.  I felt like I was watching a rerun of my youth, a 17 year old enjoying every delicious inch of my 16 year old girlfriend.  As a guy in my mid-fifties, I realized how my own sexuality has become more in my mind and less a physical thing.  I was jealous of the desire this guy has for his wife and her eagerness to be taken by him.

These two changed positions numerous times giving me views from every direction.  When he had her laid out on my console the second or third time, he asked me to pull out my dick and stroke, and when I did, he grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock.  He reached for his phone and took a picture of his wife stroking another man while his dick was simultaneously thrusting in and out of her.

At one point she had clearly cum which caught them both off guard.  Apparently she normally requires a lot longer.  I guess the leather seats of my truck and the excitement of a stranger helped speed things up.

The husband grabbed her hand and guided her fingers into her sopping pussy and then into my mouth.  This young lady was delicious.  I suspect that had I asked, she would have allowed me a taste directly from the source.

I got out of the truck and went to the rear door and opened it, then stood there with my dick out and began to stroke myself.  As he fucked her, she tilted her head to where she could watch me jack myself.  I think the husband was really turned on by seeing his wife watch me.

When I was ready to shoot my load, I let them know and he pounded her pussy harder as she watched eight thick ropes come shooting out and onto the ground below.  I feel like I had produced double my normal load.

I got my cock back in my slacks and got back into the truck where these two continued to go at it.  The husband apologized for turning my truck into a hotel room.  He then reached his hand to the front, unzipped my slacks and fished out my still throbbing boner.  He stroked me for a minute and told me that next time he wanted to try more.

The wife was adjusting her blouse and skirt and the I handed her a wad of twenties, saying I hoped she got as much out of it as I did.  When they opened the door to get out, the husband pulled off his shirt and wiped down the puddle of pussy juice from my seats. He told me later that as soon as I left, they got in their car and she finished him off. 

On my ride home I could smell the scent of the lotion she has warm. Some sort of coconut smell.  I was not worried about being late or my wife suspecting I had been fooling around, but my truck suddenly smelling like coconut lotion might generate a question so there I was airing out the truck with my windows and sunroof open, just to avoid any questions from my wife later.

That night when my wife slipped into bed after I had already drifted off to sleep, she reached over to fondle my cock. I was happy to wake up and let her ride my erection.  She had just spent time chatting with JD and by the time she mounted me, she was already soaking wet.  As she rode me to a quick orgasm, I kept thinking about how hot this young couple had been, changing positions, fucking, then stopping, him going down on her, her going down on him, changing positions again.  I know that there was a time when we were as active in bed.  I just hope those two don’t lose that magic.


The very first time we crossed the line into what has become a version of a polyamorous marriage was on New Year’s Eve back in about 1990 or so.  Perhaps it was going into 1991 or 1992.  In any event, this was at a time when my military job involved working rotating shifts and as it would turn out, I had to work from around 9:30 PM to 5:30 AM that evening. 

By this time in our lives, the conversations – the fantasies really – had begun to center around a specific buddy of ours.  He had separated from his wife and was living in an apartment.  He had asked me earlier that, if he could convince her, would I be open to letting him take my wife out for a drink on New Year’s Eve.  As it turns out, I had my teenage nephew staying with us, so logistically, there was no reason she couldn’t leave for a few hours and go.  I was game if she was.

The date was made and my only requirement was that I wanted to know details.  The details are actually pretty tame.  The went to a bar known at the time (and still to this day) to be a “Swingers” place called Shenanigans.  For readers in San Antonio, this was the original location behind Ingram Park Mall.  They stayed there for an hour or so and talked and then headed back to his apartment.  It should be noted that, I had told both of them individually that I was cool with anything that were to happen, as long as I got the details. 

When I got the call from her just after midnight to tell me she was home, I asked her if anything happened.  Her response was that, not anything like sex, but she would tell me about it when I got off my shift in the morning.  Long story short, they got to the apartment, laid on the floor and began to make out with her on top of him.  She felt his erection through his jeans and called it a night.

That was a positive step and in fact, it wasn’t even a month later before we had our first of a handful of threesomes with him.  And this is where the amnesia comes in.

Last night we were sipping beers in the hot tub boobs floating in view for any curious neighbors to observe and my wife was in a mood for answering any questions I had and basically, telling me any details I care to know.  As we were chit chatting away, the topic of nudity came up and the idea of going to Hippie Hollow, a famous nudist beach on the lake in Austin. This led me to recall that time I walked out on the back patio of our house, nude, with an erection, drinking a beer, and apparently the old lady next door got quite an eyeful!

She remembered the story of the lady claiming she saw me nude but had no concept of the context in which it took place.  I reminded her that we were having the threesome with this first guy and he asked if it was okay if he had a few moments alone with her.  Guys and their inability to get hard in front of another guy.  Anyway, she said she had no idea what I was talking about.

She apparently put our first threesome partner completely out of her mind.  It was not until I described the unique shape of his penis that the light came on and she suddenly recalled fucking this guy, not once but several times.  ((Okay, for those wondering, his dick was normal length but it was almost flat but very wide.  So imagine if you took a sausage and put a brick on top of it.  Instead of it having that round cylindrical appearance, it was wider from side to side than it was from top to bottom.))

Now I can’t recall every single sex session I’ve ever had, but surely I recall that I at least had sex with someone as opposed to not ever having sex with that person, right?  She recalled that New Year’s Eve but had the time line wrong, and she seemed to think it all took place prior to our kids being born.  I had to fill in the details of my nephew being in town and the fact that I did not work that shift at the time she was thinking of. 

I do know that the threesomes with the first friend ended soon because his divorce finalized and he moved to another state, and frankly, within a short time, we started the decades long arrangement with JD. Maybe she just put it out of her mind and JD was the first for her.  Who knows?

It makes me wonder if this was just a weird thing where, so much time has passed and it just wasn’t an important or memorable event for her.  Or maybe there was some trauma that caused it all to slip her mind.  Either way, once she recalled, she laughed about it and the shape of his dick.  So, trauma gone.

IGHIH: The Viagra Caper…

With phone calls made to coordinate near perfect times of arrival, it looked like we may have a rare opportunity for JD and me to show up at the house within minutes of one another and engage in an actual threesome with my wife, rather than the two of them doing their thing only to have me show up either at the end or after the fact.  Though I did have an unfortunate traffic delay, I had arrived not even ten minutes after he did.

I walked in the kitchen to find JD fully dressed with a good size tent formed in his slacks.  Turns out, his wife called to inform him that her afternoon appointment had been canceled and she needed to know his status on getting home. As bad luck would have it, he had just popped a full Viagra in anticipation of the forthcoming fun time and now he had a dilemma!

I’m not sure how helpful I was in that I immediately busted out laughing.

My wife suggested the obvious – whack off and eliminate the problem.  We raced to the bedroom and she pulled off her top and JD quickly dropped his trousers to begin a quick spank.  But as any guy will tell you, jacking while under pressure is not unlike having to take a urinalyses with a positive observer.  You know, the guy who has to stare at your junk to make sure you actually pee instead of fill the bottle from a jar in your shorts.

My wife of course helped.  I realized though that me standing there watching and giggling at the predicament wasn’t helping.  I did reach into my wife’s briefcase of fun and pulled out her leather paddle and after about two or three solid whacks to his ass, issue resolved.

There was an opportunity for me to clean up his little deposit from my wife’s chest area, and frankly, this is one of the things I really enjoy, but instead I grabbed a small towel.  I realized time was of the essence and JD had to get running.

Later, JD sent a note to say that he still had an erection.  Not sure how he was hiding the obvious bulge.  Maybe Mrs. JD got lucky.