The Right Way To Do It… Or Not.

The whole concept of my wife having a regular friends with benefits arrangement with JD has just become so routine for us.  And yes, I know they are more than just friends.  For some guys, that would be a deal breaker.  For me, I prefer there to be some commitment there. 

This life is not for everyone.  If you are a guy who has these hotwife fantasies, you really have to be careful that you may get what you ask for and then not be able to handle it. 

We’ve been doing this in some form or fashion for years, and I assure you, there have been some glitches along the way.  But now, after over thirty years of marriage, we are in a good place for this particular part of our relationship. 

Nothing is perfect.  Don’t believe those unbelievable Facebook curated perfect marriages.  You know what I mean.  The pictures are tightly cropped to show great bodies, all smiles and happy couples.  Meanwhile, they are probably sick of each other and only staying together for the kids and the mortgage payment. 

I’m not trying to suggest my wife and I are in a perfect world either.  We aren’t.  But this particular part is pretty damn good. 

I only bring it up because I don’t want people who come across this or similar blogs to point to this as the perfect way forward.  If you read the advice of hotwife lifestyle experts, you’ll see that my wife and I broke all the rules. 

First and foremost, we have been with people we know or guys I’ve worked with.  Most experts will say that presents too much risk.  What if the relationship goes bad? Now what?  Or what if the wife falls in love? 

Another rule we broke is that my wife routinely meets with JD without me being present.  Many experts say that is playing with fire.  But keep in mind, we’ve been doing this for years.  I don’t have a jealous bone in my body, so if I can’t get home from work in time, why should I stop my wife and JD from having a good time?

In terms of openness and honesty, I am a complete scoundrel.  I have this blog, a Tumblr, I have a dozen email confidants with whom I share my thoughts and issues beyond what I write here or share with my wife. 

I went on a nationally presented podcast and confessed to having a completely secret life my wife knows nothing of.

I have confided in people who know my wife, which is frankly my biggest sin.  That is to say, my wife talks to these people and has no idea that that person knows details about our sex life.  Or have seen my dick.  Or have shown me their private parts. 

To many people who engage in sexually open arrangements with their spouse, I think they’d look at us as doing everything wrong.  I’m just trying to point out to those people who read this, you have to think long and hard before you take a stab at it.  And then, you have to do it in a way that works for your relationship.  There is no real right or wrong, only what works for you.


IGHIH: Glass…

Once again my timing at work prevented me from getting in on a good thing.  Our buddy JD was able to get out of work early and spend an hour and a half hanging out  with my wife, genuinely hoping that I could make it and be part of the good time, but as we all agree, work comes before play.

I was trying to wrap things up in the office and saw that I had missed a note from my wife telling me JD will be at the house when I got home, hurry! By the time I got to my truck and could check the phone, I saw a text from her saying, “Too late.”

I’ve mentioned before that the fact we can’t meet for threesomes often and the fact that the two of them can only meet slightly more often, I think that keeps some mystery to the whole arrangement.  But yes, I wish I could have been home for this one.

My wife told me later that JD popped a little blue pill and after they both had a few beers and talked about family and stuff, they headed to the bedroom, realizing that I wasn’t going to make it home for the full event.

A while back, JD had sent this large glass dildoe that frankly scared the crap out of both of us.  Apparently, when used along with a healthy serving of cunnilingus, it is quite pleasurable.

After several orgasms over her own, my wife says that JD was extremely hard, harder than she had really seen him in years, and she just needed to ride his big, thick cock.  Of course, as she is telling me these details, she was riding my own hard cock.

She mounted him in a reverse cowgirl fashion and played with his balls as he moaned with pleasure.  She says that even though she had already enjoyed a few orgasms from his tongue, the pleasure of really feeling his hard dick without fear that it might lose it was very much a welcome thing.

Before long, JD reported that he was getting close and suggested that she dismount so he could come on her boobs but she insisted she needed to feel him shoot inside her. As soon as she began to describe his dick pulsating in her, I unloaded my own load.

“Too bad you weren’t here.  We were both hoping you would have cleaned up the mess.” She said with a giggle.

IGHIH: The Viagra Caper…

With phone calls made to coordinate near perfect times of arrival, it looked like we may have a rare opportunity for JD and me to show up at the house within minutes of one another and engage in an actual threesome with my wife, rather than the two of them doing their thing only to have me show up either at the end or after the fact.  Though I did have an unfortunate traffic delay, I had arrived not even ten minutes after he did.

I walked in the kitchen to find JD fully dressed with a good size tent formed in his slacks.  Turns out, his wife called to inform him that her afternoon appointment had been canceled and she needed to know his status on getting home. As bad luck would have it, he had just popped a full Viagra in anticipation of the forthcoming fun time and now he had a dilemma!

I’m not sure how helpful I was in that I immediately busted out laughing.

My wife suggested the obvious – whack off and eliminate the problem.  We raced to the bedroom and she pulled off her top and JD quickly dropped his trousers to begin a quick spank.  But as any guy will tell you, jacking while under pressure is not unlike having to take a urinalyses with a positive observer.  You know, the guy who has to stare at your junk to make sure you actually pee instead of fill the bottle from a jar in your shorts.

My wife of course helped.  I realized though that me standing there watching and giggling at the predicament wasn’t helping.  I did reach into my wife’s briefcase of fun and pulled out her leather paddle and after about two or three solid whacks to his ass, issue resolved.

There was an opportunity for me to clean up his little deposit from my wife’s chest area, and frankly, this is one of the things I really enjoy, but instead I grabbed a small towel.  I realized time was of the essence and JD had to get running.

Later, JD sent a note to say that he still had an erection.  Not sure how he was hiding the obvious bulge.  Maybe Mrs. JD got lucky.

IGHIH: It’s Been Quite Week…

Where do I even start?  I posted about my little meet up with the young couple on Wednesday.  During the conversation with them, I actually mentioned that my wife’s boyfriend could be at the house as we were speaking.  We as it turned out, he couldn’t make it on Wednesday.

Thursday morning I pulled into the parking lot at work and my wife had sent me a few pictures of her, just before getting into the shower.  That’s certainly a nice way to get the day started.

Thursday would prove to be a long day since I had a work related dinner downtown.  With traffic, it made sense for me to just leave directly from work and go to dinner. At about 4PM, I realized that I had forgotten to grab my afternoon pills and I decided I would race home, grab them, then turn right back around and head back downtown for the dinner meeting.

When I walked into the house, my wife was in her panties and a shirt and had just come out of the shower.  She wondered why I was home and I explained the pill situation before heading back out.  As I was leaving she asked me if I got the pictures and I said yes, I had and that was it, I got back in my truck and joined the ugly mess of I-10 traffic.

As I was stuck in a mess of stalled traffic, I flipped my phone from the Waze App (a must have if you speed like I do) and saw that I had missed a bunch of messages.  One tap of the screen and boom! BJ pics.

When I got to a parking spot and called her.  Holy hell, when she asked if I got the pics, I thought she was referring to the ones she had sent that morning.  I guess I should really turn the volume on my phone up.  I always have my phone muted and this is what I miss.

Turns out that JD had been able to slip away from work earlier in the day and they were able to spend several hours together.  She told me later that on this visit, he decided t take half a Viagra pill and that gave him quite the stiffy.

Later Thursday evening when I had returned from the dinner, we got in bed and she described how he was able to get out of work early, come over and spend time.  She told me she gave him a back massage and while doing that, grabbed her leather paddle and gave him a series of hard spankings, which he seems to love.  What a naughty boy!

As she rode my dick she told me how he spent a good twenty minutes going down on her and brought her to several orgasms before fucking her hard and leaving his seed deep in her pussy.  When she told me he had come inside her, my dick exploded.  That little piece of knowledge will get me every time.

She told me he had completely forgotten about the new toy he purchased and he grabbed it from the kitchen.  It is an anal vibrator.  Imagine that.  Even JD is starting to appreciate how awesome it feels to have the prostate tickled.

On Friday evening, we went to a local watering hole for dinner and enjoyed the band playing a series of covers.  It was nice to have a beer and enjoy the weather now that it isn’t 100 degrees every day.  When we got home, we thought it would be nice to sit in the hot tub, so I went out, got it opened up, set out the radio and went back inside to change.  My wife had different plans.  She was in heels, a leather corset and panties, and she said she wasn’t quite ready for the hot tub yet.

I stripped and laid on the bed and she had me turn over onto my stomach so she could give me a nice massage.  Turns out, she had done this same thing to JD and said it was my turn to enjoy some relaxing hand work.  It was very nice.

Later, she went  down on me with the intent of blowing me to completion, though frankly, my preference is to come inside her pussy.  While she was giving me head, I suggested I should try out the new anal toy and she was certainly game.  With plenty of lube, it was an easy fit and it felt mighty fine, especially while getting a BJ. 

She shifted her body and I began to finger-bang her, immediately going to the G-spot which caused great soaking of my fingers and hand.  She was bucking like a cowgirl on a bronco.  As a side note, I’ve been listening to a podcast I found called Shameless Sex.  It is two women who are sex educators and work in the toy and lube industry.  As it turns out, I’ve been fondling my wife’s G-Spot for years – for the obvious reaction she gets from it, but had no idea it was the G-Spot, until these ladies described it as the soft spongy spot just inside the vagina.  I had always wondered why it felt different from the rest of the interior, and why that place got such a reaction.  I mention this just to say, the state of our sex education is school is horrendous.  Back to the story.

Eventually she climbed on my dick and rode me until she was very loudly letting the neighbors all know how hard she was cumming.  No wonder the little perverts next door try to sneak a peek when we are in the hot tub.

I should note that when you have a vibrating anal toy in your ass and you cum, there is a need to get that thing out right away.  I literally had to roll my wife off of me so I could reach down and pull it out.  That was funny though.

Eventually we did make it to the hot tub and no telling if the neighbors got a peek at the goods.  If they did, good for them.


IGHIH: Surprise!

It irritates people who text me but I just always have my phone on silent.  If I happen to look down at my phone when someone sends a message, I see it, if not, I tend to catch it before too long.  When I’m driving, the phone is connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system, so if someone calls, I’ll know.  I tell you this to say that, little did I know, I had a series of images from my wife waiting for me, even as I walked into the door of my house.  I just didn’t realize it.

And when I walked in through the garage Wednesday afternoon, I could hear the TV on upstairs and just assumed my wife was up there riding her exercise bike.  I changed out of my work clothes, put on my gym shorts and Nikes, and started to head out to take my afternoon walk when I checked messages.  Holy shit!

This is the only one I can show, but I think the description is clear.  JD had been by earlier and left a calling card in the form of a pearl necklace!

Turns out, he was able to slip by earlier but had to get home before I made it from work, through traffic and back to the house.  My wife told me he waited for me as long as he could.  She was worried I’d be upset that I missed out on the phone but truth is, I enjoy the naughty play caught by the camera just as well.

Weekend Notes: Neighbor Sees JD Visit…

I think we’ve worked out an arrangement that allows my wife to see JD a little more routinely than we thought possible during the “near miss” we had with his wife.  If you don’t recall, Mrs. JD who is/was unaware that her husband enjoys the friendship and occasional sexual favors of my wife, found an incriminating message on his phone.  The logistics of how that came about are a lesson for any person fooling around, and worth sharing.

JD is normally very smart when it comes to cleaning his tracks.  He deletes all the messages form his phone, uses a spare e-mail account that his wife is unaware of, and for the most part, keeps his eye on his phone.  Of course, Facebook is the devil, and a late night chat using that damn Instant Messenger function that pops-up on your locked screen when you have a message got him busted.  People, turn that shit off.

So it turns out that my wife sent one last naughty message the previous evening but by then, he was already logged out.  The next morning, Mrs. JD sees the random message pop up on phone screen saver and recognizes my wife saying something naughty to him.  That’s it, that’s all the slip up it takes to get you cheaters caught.

That has been over a month or so ago and the tension has eased up.  JD is being a good boy and his wife has stopped calling him every hour at work to make sure he is where he is supposed to be. And, now he is back into the routine of leaving a little early on an afternoon when he knows his wife is out so it won’t be noticed if he gets home a little later than normal.

On Wednesday, I pulled into the driveway and saw two things.  One, JD’s truck was parked out front and two, my neighbor and his son were in their driveway detailing their cars.  Oh shit! 

In the moment that this all registered, I made up my mind that if the neighbor were to even mention seeing JD I’d just casually say with a straight face, “Oh, that’s her boyfriend.”

It’s funny how a guy like me gets a semi-hard on from just imagining that conversation. But, the guy looked up from his car, nodded hello and and I nodded back adding a friendly “Howdy”.

When I walked in, I hoped to find my wife and JD going at it, but instead, they were both fully dressed sitting at the kitchen bar having drinks and eating chips and queso.  “Is your neighbor still outside?” JD asked.

“He sure is.” I responded.

We all laughed and my wife immediately joked that JD should go running out the front door.  I suggested I could chase him out, waving the Glock.  We all got a good laugh but really, who cares.

There was no time for sex and as it turned out, JD had only arrived a few minutes before I did.  We all decided that when he left, my wife and I would both walk out with him and that might dismiss any thoughts the neighbors might have imagined.


Strange that I have become so matter of fact about all this.  That I could be okay with other people knowing.  I think I do a fairly good job of impulse control but there are times when I have those sudden thoughts of revealing too much and regretting it later.  I listened to a podcast the other day Tangentially Speaking with guest Michael Wood. I highly recommend this episode for changing your mindset on crime and the war on drugs and our prison system.

Regardless, in the episode, they talk about impulse control and how sometimes the brain is damaged or chemically altered in a way that changes a person’s normal ability to tamp down natural impulses.  Just two examples to point out what I mean.  You are in a verbal argument at work with a colleague.  That person says something really offensive and for a moment, you think, I’d like to strangle that fucker.  But you don’t.  Another – say you are at the store and you see a woman with huge tits in a T-shirt, no bra to hold them back.  Let’s be honest, male or female, we all have an urge to squeeze them, perhaps even motorboat those puppies.  But we don’t.

I’ve always had my impulses under control, even when drinking.  I don’t start fights, I don’t grab people’s tits, and I don’t do stupid things that jeopardize my job.  Well, not a lot anyway.  More and more, I find myself gaming out these things in my mind.  It is like seeing my neighbor outside and immediately deciding, I’m going to tell him JD is the boyfriend.  Why do I get a thrill from the idea of people knowing?  Am I trying to transform societal thinking on the norm of marriage and monogamy?

I’m not a loose cannon.  I do think that more and more, I’m really gaming out these things that on an impulse, I have a desire to do.   I’d love your comments or thoughts.

IGHIH: Always Room for Pie…

I pulled into the driveway and saw JD’s truck out front.  I checked my phone for messages but nothing yet.  In the morning my wife had asked me what pictures I’d like. My request was that if they fucked, she send a picture of him inside her.

I walked in and as usually is the case, they were sitting in the kitchen having a drink after the sex.  JD was in his underwear and t-shirt; my wife was wearing his dress shirt with the buttons completely open, breasts hanging free.  JD made a comical act of pretending I had caught them in the act.

We all laughed and then I asked about the pictures. “Oh, shit!” My wife said as she handed me her phone.

I scrolled through the pictures, some nice blow job views and finally, several blurred action shots where JD is penetrating her vagina. from the rear.    I scrolled through a few times and smiled. My wife then asked if I cared to do anything before she cleaned herself up.  I passed on the offer, took a sip of my iced tea and looked through the pictures one more time.

JD stepped away from the counter and pulled his underwear down to reveal his flaccid cock and freshly man-groomed pubic area.  “She gave me a good trim.” And they both giggled as he reached for his trousers hanging on the back of the bar stool.

I asked him how things were going at home and he told me that there was a state of calm and he no longer felt like his wife was constantly looking for a fight.  He added that he just had to be really careful.

In a few moments we said our goodbyes and as she walked him out, I retreated to the bedroom and undressed.  I can’t explain why I felt the urge to take my turn alone, but I was not upset that the two of them had spent some quality time together.  I’m reminded of the term compersion, but now it was my turn.

She walked in the room and I was on the bed, fully erect.  “What can I do for you?” she asked.

Now completely nude, she climbed onto the bed and I motioned for her to climb on top of me, patting my chest and pulling her toward my face.  Within a minute of him being gone, my tongue was darting in and out of her freshly shaved, freshly fucked pussy.

If you have ever seen those cuckold face-sitting images and videos where the wife grinds her pussy into her husband’s face, this was what I had in mind.  For men who enjoy the hotwife experience, the ultimate goal, the holy grail if you will is the cream pie.  As she grinded herself on my mouth, using my chin as a device to gain leverage, she asked if I could taste him.  My dick grew even harder.

Honestly, at the beginning there was no cummy scent, but instead, I could actually taste the Dos Equis from his breath.  It was clear that he had a beer before going down on her.

She commented that we both had such completely different styles of cunnilingus, though she very much enjoyed both of us.  This for some reason made me want to do better, and I reached my fingers to her clit and begin playing harder as I licked and sucked.

By now, the remnants of JD’s spunk had reached my taste buds.  His scent is not pungent in any way, or perhaps I just enjoy the taste of a man’s seed.

My wife lifted her self and rolled over to her side of the bed where she retrieved the mouthpiece vibrator from the bedside table.  She asked me to turn my body sideways across the bed, then positioned herself on top of me in a sixty-nine.  While the mouth vibe felt wonderful on my rock hard penis, I was mostly interested in working the pussy.

Within about two minutes, I could feel the familiar trembling of her body and the loud moan she produces at climax. And with her juices flowing, I could fully taste and feel the evidence that JD had unloaded very deep in my wife.

I’m not naive about how the body works.  I get that much of his cummy load had dripped into the toilet shortly after their sex, but there is always enough left inside to give a husband his prize after the fact.

My face was covered in their combined juices when my wife rolled onto her back exhausted as I mounted her.  She spread her legs wide actually grabbing her toes almost like a cheerleader might during some jump.  I pumped her pussy as deeply as my body would take me with her cheering me on, telling me how much harder my cock was than JD’s.  And for the second time in under half an hour, she was filled with a man’s cum.