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I don’t hold a lot of weight with the little map tool that is added as a widget on the bottom of the blog page, but I do look at it every once in a blue moon.  This is what it looks like this morning:

So if you see your location, I’d love to know who you are. You can use a fake name, of course.  Use the comments or send an e-mail, won’t you?


About Last Night…

I have a friend, Co-worker C, the gay colleague of mine, who will not drink alone.  I guess he figured out years ago that nothing good comes from a lone drinker, sipping beers and contemplating life. 

My wife and I did a shrimp boil for dinner. It was our first time trying the recipe and it was great, especially with the beers we drank along with the shrimp, sausage, potatoes and such. 

After dinner we retreated to the hot tub for an hour of more drinking and talk.  From there, we headed to the bedroom for some Friday night sex followed by showers and then made our way upstairs to watch TV before bed. 

Instead of our normal shows, there was a basketball game on and this is where things went awry.  I decided to watch the game and drink several more beers and she opted to make phone calls. 

My first bad act was that while she was on the phone with her sister, I proceeded to have a conversation with that same sister where I confessed that I wanted to go down on her. 

Yep.  While my wife was talking to her. 

The sister shut me down and told me to delete the conversation which I did.  I’ll apologize to her today. 

Next, I had a conversation with the daughter of the late Co-Worker Rick.  That was a legitimate conversation with no sexual overtones, but she is 23 and cute, so I’m sure if there had been an opening, I would have gone there.  Pure creeper. 

At some point my wife decided to go to bed.  I should have joined her but instead I had one more beer and when I saw a friend of my wife’s online, I started chatting with her.  She got flirty fast.  Who says women don’t initiate these conversations? 

She sent me her boobs and I sent her my dick.  Well, now I know.  She’d be down to fuck if the opportunity presented itself, but I doubt that will ever happen. 

I deleted that conversation and moved on.  Next a chatted with my wife’s other sister.  No sex there, but it was a nice friendly chat. 

Finally, I started a conversation with a friend from my vanilla life.  I regretted it immediately because I realized I had nothing to say to her that didn’t involve sexual questions.  So I moved on and went to bed. 

I would say that I certainly was not drunk in the sense of people getting liquored up and doing stupid things, but I was tipsy.  And I rarely have conversations like I did last night.  I need to tuck my phone away somewhere the next time I have a few beers. 

Free Porn – The Butterfly Effect

I’m sure you’ve heard the ads for it if you listen to podcasts at all, The Butterfly Effect, a story about how the world changed when a guy came up with the idea to make porn available for free.  I’ve been listening to it over the last two days and am almost finished. 

I highly recommend it.  The commercials for it come across like it would be preachy in some way, but it isn’t.  Just good journalism and story telling.  And you learn new stuff everyday.  I had no idea of the back story behind PornHub, RedTubes, Ashley Madison and how the pay for porn industry changed into a more boutique industry.

As a cheapskate, I say, long live free porn!

Walking And Parking…

I was taking my normal Sunday afternoon walk which takes me out of my neighborhood into a designated industrial area.  It is a single road that houses an assortment of service companies, electricians, two different exercise places, and several wooded lots just waiting for a company to purchase and build the next business.  It isn’t seedy or scary or anything of that nature, but on a Sunday afternoon, it is usually empty. 

As I was walking I noticed a pickup truck parked across the street from a building but in front of one of those empty lots.  At first I thought the truck was empty, perhaps someone had parked it there and ridden with someone else.  But as I approached, I could see a driver with his body fairly scooched down in the seat.  Perhaps he was taking a nap. 

Approaching now to within about twenty feet, a female popped up and pressed herself up against the passenger side door.  Nothing to see here!

As I got just in front of the truck, the woman locked eyes with me. Her face was familiar but I could not quite place it.  I winked at her then nodded at the guy who was obviously aware I knew I had disrupted his afternoon BJ. 

Of course, I hadn’t thought of this place as a lover’s lane, but I have found condom wrappers and on my very first walk down that road, a discarded pair of dirty panties.  And no, I left them. 

Documentary: The Voyeur

Aunt Clara alerted me to the fact that Netflix was running a documentary called, The Voyeur.  Naturally, I watched it as quickly as I could.  You may recall last year that I wrote a post here about this guy.

So I won’t spoil it for you but the documentary is about the turmoil leading up to the publishing of the book and gives you quite a bit of insight about both Gay Talese, a man I’m fascinated by, and Gerald Foos, a man who gives even a pervert like me the creeps.  What I did not realize at the time of my original post, was that as the book was going to publishing, there was new information that called into question the veracity of some of Mr. Foos’ claims.  That sent Mr. Talese spinning into a meltdown.  The documentary catches it all.

In the end, this book is in my long list of unfinished/unstarted reading backlog but now I think it may jump ahead a few spots.

And Now Comes Irma…

In the olden days before the sophist acted weather technology that allows us to track and predict these things, you would have some religious zealots claiming God was flooding the earth to pay for people playing grab-ass with one another.  Granted, I’m sure there are still those people will blame this all on an act of God for some reason, but regardless, the 24 hour news cycle shows us how this is forming, the science behind it, and thankfully, with enough warning to make the decisions needed to be made when a catastrophe of, well, biblical proportions is bearing down.  

I know of at least one reader here who is getting his family out of harms way and I’m hoping others are heading toward safety.  I have a lot of family right in the path of this one, so if you are the praying type, I’m sure your warm thoughts are welcome.
I probably sound like a dick for even mentioning this in a blog post about so much disaster, but I returned late last night from about 9 days of vacation in a northern state where the temps were quite brisk.  Down here in San Antonio, we live on the very edge of the desert. It is dry and brown most of the time.  Whenever I travel to the east coast or up north, it is so different seeing colors.  Getting up and taking a morning walk with the temperatures under 50 degrees is quite a cool change.
While I’ve been gone, it was nice to see family, but I have suffered a very work related depression.  No, I’m not fired and I haven’t quit my job, I’m just feeling down about things at work and frankly, this is not like me.  I love my job, and I’m the guy who people look at strangely because I look forward to going to work.  I have until Monday to get the fuck over it and get on with life.
For those of you who I e-mail frequently, I hope to get back into my normal routine after this weekend.  In the meantime, be safe, everyone.


For those of you who know I post my blog from the greater San Antonio area, I just wanted to let you know – so far, so good.  We can always use the rain, though we don’t do well when we get lots of rain.  There simply is no place for the rain to run off, and our major thoroughfares tend to fill up like bath tubs.  Makes driving fun.

The hurricane is creating havoc for those of my friends to the south and east of San Antonio.  From Houston, Galveston, Victoria all the way south to Rockport and  Corpus Christi; lots of flooding.  There has been a steady stream of folks driving into San Antonio for shelter which should make the roads that much funner to navigate.

For now, Internet works!